Is Old Lime Plaster Harmful?

In the earlier days, people used to paint their houses with lime plaster by adding colours to them. This lime plaster not only added beauty to their homes but also strengthened their buildings. But every physical thing comes with an expiry date.  The same thing happened with your old plaster walls too. They also started losing the beauty of homes by shedding the lime plaster.  The clearing lime plaster not only loses your home’s beauty but also hinders your health.

So, as your health deteriorates, what are the available options you have? This blog post explains is lime plaster dangerous, if lime plaster has adverse effects on your health and how it can cause harm to your health. In addition, it will also explain what remedies you can opt for restoring old plaster walls.

Concept of Old Lime Plaster Walls

Old lime plaster has rich dating back centuries. It has been used in almost all historical buildings. It is a mixture of limestone, water, cement, and sand. It comes with breathability structures as it can absorb moisture and release it.

Although Lime Plaster is safe, as time passes, it starts to lose its matter and dust because of water loss, structural deterioration of material and weathering. From there, it starts declining health status, and many diseases affect your health.

Let’s check out what are the diseases caused by old plaster walls.

Diseases Caused by Older Lime Plaster Dangerous Walls

Check out the list below that a person can get exposure to because of these old lime plaster walls.

Respiratory Issue

Respiratory Issue

These old lime plaster walls release dust, which can be especially troublesome for old ages and children as they may feel problems during respiration. They can get symptoms like breath shortening, coughing, sneezing and red rashes.

Note: It is advisable that people with pre-existing respiratory issues, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), should avoid the old plaster walls places. As these diseases can be vulnerable in these places.

Eye Irritation

eye problem

Old Lime plastered walls release specks of dust and can mix in its surrounding, which causes eye irritation, redness, discomfort in the eyes, and other issues. In this case, it is advisable to wear spectacles or shades if you are surrounded by old lime plaster dust or facing deteriorating lime plaster material releases.

Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation

It is noticed when someone comes into direct contact with lime plaster dust. They may face the issues such as skin irritation, dryness, skin redness, itching, etc. As lime is inflammable in nature, therefore if accidentally, people who come into its contact may have skin issues.

Note: It is advisable for those with sensitive skin to stay away from such places.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions

Some individuals have allergic issues to lime and gypsum. Resultant when a person comes into the touch of old plaster walls. They may have several issues, like mild skin rashes, etc. The problem of severity may depend on your skin sensitivity.


It is an interstitial lung disease caused by inhaling tiny particles of sand or dust. You may affect your health as the cracks in the plaster walls of the old house release dust material, which can take your health to a severe condition.



In Uk, the condition of Asthma is very severe, as almost 2.1 deaths are caused due to Asthma. We have seen that many people feel worsened experiences in their health when they come in contact with dust and old plaster wall materials. In addition, they also feel issues like coughing, sneezing, difficulty in breathing, etc.

Digestion Issues

Digestion Issues

Often we have seen our food contaminated by dirty hands, water, or dust. This can lead to an increase in gastric problems, upset stomach, nausea, etc.

These are a few diseases one can get because of old plastered walls and the material it releases.

If we talk about our pets, Lime plaster is not toxic to dogs, but it can cause irritation to their eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs if they are exposed to large amounts of lime dust.

However, lime-plastered walls are not an issue, but as time passes, these walls start releasing dust, which causes health issues to many.

Now what to do in this scenario? What are the possible options available you have?

Well, to answer your this query, read the below.

How to Prevent From Old Plastered Walls

Old Plastered Walls

Undoubtedly, health risks are a topic where no one wants to compromise. However, by following some prerequisites, you can get relief from old plaster wall issues. Like

  • You can wear gloves while collecting the dust of lime-plastered walls.
  • Wears Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit when working with the old plastered wall material collection.
  • Increase the ventilation area so that dust can escape easily.
  • Using Safety Goggles can minimise the risk of exposure to dust and particles.
  • It is advisable to wet the old plaster walls as it can prevent excess release of dust particles into the air.

You can opt for these prerequisites to reduce the risk of health issues. However, these options are not every time shows positive results. In this case, you should go with the experts’ recommended Damp2Dry solution.

Let’s check out why the Damp2Dry solution is the first recommendation of experts.

Why Damp2Dry Solution to Fix Old Plastered Walls

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