Turn Your Damp House Into A Dry Home

Our range of unique damp solutions are guaranteed to fix your household damp problems. Protect your property, improve your health and start enjoying your home again.
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Types of damp


Damp Treatment

Damp walls, condensation, mould?

Does your property suffer from damp problems? Damp 2 Dry Solutions offer the most effective solutions in the marketplace. 

Damp walls or air in your property can cause harmful effects. Left untreated, the property can start to decay causing irreversible structural damage. Your health is also at risk as moisture stimulates the growth of mould releasing spores in to the air. When inhaled these can exacerbate respiratory diseases such as asthma, particularly in older people and young children. Acting quickly on damp problems will protect both your home and your health.

Our Dry Air ventilation system is a state-of-the-art ventilation system which tackles condensation and airborne moisture problems by constantly drawing moisture out of the building.

Our solutions are more cost-effective and work harder than traditional systems. All work is undertaken with care, pride and is completely nonintrusive, allowing you to carry on living in your property with a minimum of disruption. Let Damp 2 Dry Solutions turn your Damp House into a Dry Home.

We’re right here in your neighbourhood!

Damp 2 Dry Solutions operate throughout the UK. Our head office is located in Cheshire, so we have a focus on the north of England.

We have regional teams in the following areas:

Cheshire, Manchester & Lancashire, Liverpool & Merseyside, Warrington, Chester, Stoke-on-trent

Our surveyors are local experts, intimately familiar with the surrounding area – a crucial element for conducting comprehensive surveys.

Ready to protect your home from damp? Schedule your Damp Survey today and safeguard your property’s future!

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