Types of damp

What is Rising Damp? Rising Damp occurs in buildings when water from the ground rises up through the bricks and mortar of a building by capillary action, in the same way that a sponge will soak up water from the...

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Rain penetration (better known as penetrating damp) is a common form of dampness in buildings. It can occur through walls, roofs or openings such as window reveals. Water will often enter the outer envelope of a building and travel inside....

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What is Structural Damp? Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result penetration from the outside or condensation within structures. A high proportion of damp problems in buildings are caused by condensation, rain...

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How To Stop Condensation Condensation is not just a nuisance, if ignored it can cause serious problems to the occupants, the furnishings, the decoration and the very structure of a building. Condensation on windows often results in accelerated decay to the lower parts of window...

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Wet and Dry Rot treatments from the experts. Damp 2 Dry Solutions are experts in all forms of fungal decay. From identifying the decay and infestation through to the correct treatment, you can trust Damp 2 Dry Solutions with your problems....

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Woodworm Treatment Any woodworm treatment starts with understanding the problem and the clients requirements. That is why we first offer a free woodworm and damp survey. Our expert will visit and take the time to understand the full situation, explain &...

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