Crumbling Plaster: What Causes Crumbling Plaster and How to Fix It?

In today’s time, Crumbling plaster is one of the most common problems that can be easily found in every house. It destroys the beautiful sight of the whole structural pattern and certainly degrades the standard of the composition of walls. It is very important to note that the crumbling plaster can also pose severe health effects, which can even further lead to breathing problems if the problem is not dealt with on time.

Crumbling plaster is a matter of high concern but people are not taking this issue as seriously as they must take it, due to which there is not much emphasis on this subject matter in the present society. This issue has to be certainly highlighted publicly on a vast scale. This blog will provide you with deep insights into realizing the major driving factors, consequences, and remedies of crumbling plaster.

This was the basic introduction of the blog which provided a glimpse of crumbling plaster.

Further, we will define the crumbling plaster to understand it in a much better manner.

What is a Crumbling Plaster?

A crumbling or peeling plaster is referred to as the gradual falling of a particular portion of the paint on the wall. It happens due to a heavy amount of moisture in the air, which makes the wall damp. This leads to the crumbling of plaster which ruins the design or arrangement of the house.

The Crumbling of Plaster can be related to the following aspects:-

  1. Behind Wallpaper- It is the falling of paint from the specific portion behind the wallpaper. In such cases, it is advised not to do wallpapering on the Crumbling Plaster. Removing the wallpaper can also cause the Crumbling of the Plaster.
  2. Crumbling Plaster Internal Wall- It relates to the dampness existing inside the wall which has reached the surface of building materials and has come in association with the plaster including the stonework. The moment dampness enters the plaster, the plaster will become swollen and start falling from the wall.
  3. Around Windows- When termites slowly start eating the wood of a particular glass door or window, the plaster from that specific region begins crumbling. This is known as the Crumbling Plaster Around Windows.

Now, let’s move to the next section of our study, which will deal with the major causes, constituting the Crumbling of Plaster.

What is causing the Plaster to Break?

crumbling plaster wall

There are numerous reasons which can be counted when we are talking about the crumbling plaster. It is required to look first at the causes of the Peeling plaster before diving into the remedies. Here, we will list down some of the very important causes of the crumbling Plaster.

1. Increasing dampness or moisture in the walls: This can be considered the primary reason for the crumbling or peeling plaster. When moisture enters the plaster, the plaster begins to get thicken and start falling apart from the wall.

Let’s try to discuss this in a little detail. Why Dampness occurs in walls?

Dampness occurs in walls due to seepage. Seepage generally indicates the flowing of water or any gas in a little quantity from the small pores or holes of any hard object.

Water Seepage takes place due to the following factors:-

  •  Holes in the drainpipe, leakages in the washroom, cookhouse, or storage tank.
  • Leakages in the water distribution channel, bathroom washbasin, and drainage pipeline.
  • Washroom tile flooring leaks also constitute wall seepage.
  • Malfunctioning of gas, and water connections.
  • In case the outer walls of the infrastructure are not plastered.

Deformed Glassdoor framework or window structure or liners can also result in wall seepage.

2. Old Age: Plaster gets weaker as it gets older and can start falling apart.

3. Shaking or Moving: If there’s a lot of vibration from things like construction work or heavy machines nearby, the plaster can get damaged and start to crumble.

4. Structural Issues: Cracks in the building’s structure can cause stress on the plaster, making it crack and crumble.

5. Bad Application: If the plaster wasn’t put on properly when the building was made or fixed, it might not stick well and could eventually fall off.

6. Chemicals: Sometimes, chemicals like cleaning products or pollutants in the air can react with the plaster and make it break down.

7. Temperature Changes: Big changes in temperature can make the materials in the wall expand and contract, which can lead to cracks and peeling plaster.

8. Bugs: Certain pests, such as termites or carpenter ants, can damage the wood that holds the plaster, causing it to become loose and fall apart.

So, this was a basic outlook of the causes of the crumbling or eroding plaster.

Now, let’s explore the effective remedies or solutions to escape the crumbling plaster:-

How to fix this issue?

First of all, it is necessary to find out the actual source which has resulted in the Crumbling of the Plaster. It would help in eliminating the issue on a permanent basis. Therefore, the first step is to identify the major driving force in the Crumbling of the Plaster, and then act accordingly.

It is significant to make sure that the glass door settings and the window structures have been framed in proper accordance to avoid the dampness in walls.

To eliminate the problem of crumbling plaster, it is also advised to check the blockages or leakages in the water supply system, or in any other fittings of the interconnected water or gas pipeline of the house.

in door plant

It is advised to the individuals who are facing any such problem that they can separate their green plants from the structure of the roof.

If moss has made its way to the roof or walls of the house, it must be removed as soon as possible to resolve the problem of the crumbling plaster.

It is recommended to keep the temperature of the room in control using the appropriate instrument for it, so that dampness could not be created, and a healthy atmosphere could be generated.

The problem of the peeling plaster needs to be fixed as soon as possible because if this problem lasts for a long time, then it can lead to harmful health concerns as well. Finding out the actual source which is acting behind the causation of Crumbling Plaster can be a daunting task, but the same can be done with the help of a specialized individual in the concerned field.

The problem of the crumbling plaster can also be resolved by applying a mixture made of water and vinegar to the defective area or region. It shall act as a shield against the dampness of the wall by making the surface area much stronger than before.

So, this was the basic discussion about the remedial measures that could be implemented to escape the crumbling plaster.


Crumbling plaster is not seem to be a so big problem today, but people are generally unaware of the severe health consequences that they might suffer due to this issue. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to address this issue and bring to light the harmful health-related problems arising due to the crumbling plaster on a vast scale. The major concern arising due to this problem is related to heavy breathing concerns which can even cause respiratory dysfunction, asthma, etc.

Therefore, this high-growing issue cannot be denied at all anyhow. Let’s not rely on marketing products only to deal with the plaster that is falling apart, deteriorating, or showing signs of wear and tear, as it would not be a stable solution and cannot help in the long run. It is important to trace the actual cause of the crumbling plaster to eliminate this problem from its roots.

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