Basement and Cellar Conversions

Most homeowners would like to make more room in their properties and extending is often preferable to moving.

Traditionally, homeowners have responded by extending outwards and upwards, however recently, thanks to more advanced and economical waterproofing methods, many property owners are opting for cellar conversions.

Basement / Cellar conversion before-after

Cellar conversion – before and after

Benefits of a Cellar Conversion

A high quality cellar conversion gives you a huge number of benefits, including:

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Allows you increased living space
  • Allows you to rent out the extra space e.g. tenants
  • Allow you to make the most of previously unused space
  • Increase the salability of your property
  • Allow you to create revenue from your property

Add extra space for a home office, gym, games room or much more with our cellar conversion.

There are many typical benefits of using a cellar conversion to turn your basement into a comfortable and habitable living area. There are, for example, many different exciting possibilities with an effective basement conversion.

Gain extra space in your home with a basement conversion. Add bedrooms, living rooms, or even a swimming pool, cinema room, or gym. We can help you achieve this with minimal expense and complications, ensuring your new space is dry, warm, and meets all building regulations.

No planning permission is needed if the structure doesn’t change, but you’ll need it for light wells or new windows when creating more bedrooms.

Achieving a Warm Dry Cellar Conversion

More conventional basement waterproofing methods like cement-based renders commonly called ‘basement tanking’ are becoming more unreliable as water table levels rise and so properties suffer from greater hydrostatic pressure.

A more modern and increasingly popular basement waterproofing method involves applying to walls a polyethylene sheet material known as Cavity Drain Membrane.

With a suitable substrate, the membrane can be directly applied, following little preparation; furthermore, it is vapour proof and impervious to water. This helps to provide good insulation.

Before the membrane is installed, a drainage provision is installed. This provision ensures speedy and effective evacuation of water ingress which is left behind the membrane. Later, internal finishes of insulation and plasterboard or plaster and render products are applied in front of the membrane.

This puts the finishing touches to a dry and effectively insulated living area; the system, provided that it has been appropriately installed by an approved contractor and is subject to ongoing routine maintenance of drainage channels and pumps, will last as long as the property it has been installed in!

About Damp2Dry Solutions Basement and Cellar Conversions

Turn Your Unused Cellar into a Functional and Valuable Space!

Without proper ventilation, a basement can become a dark, musty space with the smell of mould and damp. However, with careful planning, the area can be transformed into a usable part of your home.

If you’re thinking of converting your basement or cellar into a new living space, you need a reliable and professional damp proofing company to help you. Choose Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd, the experts in damp proofing, timber treatment, basement waterproofing and flood damage repair.

We have over 25 years of experience and a 20-year guarantee on all our work. Contact us today for a free quote and let us turn your damp house into a dry home.

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