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Whole House Ventilation System / Wall Mounted Ventilation System

  • Improve ventilation in your home, improve air quality and stop condensation.
  • Condensation from damp, humid air is becoming a major issue for home owners, landlords, and councils.
  • Condensation is formed from airborne water vapour so expelling the humid air is a vital step in redWhole House Ventilation System ucing levels of condensation.
  • Our ventilation system will combat most condensation problems by replacing moist humid air in the home with fresh air from outside the home.
  • Building regulations now call for more energy efficient, air tight houses, however these cause ventilation problems which in turn causes humid air and condensation, our ventilation system addresses these issues.
  • Our system supplies a constant input of fresh clean air into your home so that the positive pressure indoors is greater than that outside.
  • The positive indoor air pressure displaces humid, stale and contaminated air, forcing it out of the home therefore reducing the risk of condensation and improve indoor air quality.
  • This system works a long side our ‘Humidity Controlled Extraction Fan’.


Humidity Controlled Extraction Fan “Humidi”

Our single room extraction fans come with an array of functionality to suit all applications, including bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens and utility areas.

How it works:

  • Our Humidity Controlled Extraction Fan are quick and simple to install, making them cost effective, costing as little as £3 per year.
  • The Humidi is a fully customisable fan, it is suitable for all wet rooms. Humidity Controlled Extraction Fan
  • The Humidi fan will remove moisture from the air preventing condensation and the associated problems and improve the indoor air quality.
  • By installing the Humid fan, it will help you to meet the minimum ventilation requirements in current building regulations.
  • The flexible fan can run on either continuous or intermittent operation for multiple purposes. In continuous mode, the Humidi is the ideal partner to our Whole House Ventilation System. In intermittent mode the Humidi can be set to boost automatically when extra ventilation is needed in kitchens and bathrooms maintaining low humidity levels with powerful extract rates.

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