DP Cream system

Damp treatment with DP Cream

Damp 2 Dry Solutions offers the DP Cream system to effectively control rising damp in homes and properties.

DP Cream is a unique silicone emulsion damp proofing cream for injection into mortar bed joints to form a chemical damp proof course (DPC). It can be used in all types of bricks or block work and stone walls without the use of high pressure machines.

We recommend the DP Cream system for concrete pillars and internal walls.

How it works

The cream is introduced into a series of holes drilled at 100mm intervals into the mortar up to a depth of 90% of the wall thickness. The cream is applied by hand from a simplistic cream gun pump and injector lance and all work is carried out externally.

The cream is dispensed to fill each hole to within 1cm of the wall surface. From here it disperses rapidly into the masonry pores where the injection cream converts into a liquid and polysiloxanes are formed within.

During the curing period a low molecular weight silane vapour is also being produced giving maximum migration within the wall. Curing of the damp proof course starts straight away with the final cure taking up to 6 weeks depending on wall depth.

Benefits of treating rising damp with DP Cream

Our DP Cream system is an excellent alternative solution for controlling rising damp in homes and properties. The benefits of using DP Cream in your home or property include:

  • Fast, clean installation
  • All work carried out externally
  • Cream is solvent free
  • Ecologically safe and non-hazardous damp proofing system
  • No need for use of specialised high pressure equipment
  • Proven silicone technology and highly effective in the control of rising damp


All our works using the DP Cream system comes with a 20 year guarantee for peace of mind. It has been independently tested and accredited by the British Board of Agrément.

Need help?

If you would like more information about our DP Cream system, call to speak to one of our damp experts on 01606 872691.

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