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Damp 2 Dry Solutions: Your Trusted Local Damp Contractor Near You.

Are you in search of a reliable and certified damp proofing contractor in your vicinity? Damp ContractorLook no further than Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services that you rightfully deserve. We understand the frustration and potential health hazards associated with damp problems. That’s why we approach every project with advanced techniques, fully equipped to conquer any damp-related issues.Backed by decades of experience, our team of committed professionals is devoted to upholding quality, safety, and unmatched service.Our goal is to empower you with a comfortable and secure home environment.

Our Services

Damp Inspection and Assessment

damp inspection and assessment

As leading damp proofing contractors, we understand the paramount importance of a thorough inspection. Our adept team identifies the extent and underlying causes of damp issues, employing proven assessment methods. With our expertise as a distinguished damp contractor, we excel in diagnosing various damp types, including rising damp, condensation, and penetrating damp.

Damp Proofing Solutions

damp proofing solutions

As experienced damp proofing contractors, we offer an array of cutting-edge techniques. From damp proof courses (DPC) to cavity wall membranes and tanking solutions, each approach is meticulously tailored. Count on us to elucidate the benefits of each technique, guided by their appropriateness for different scenarios. Our commitment to quality materials and industry standards sets us apart.

Timber Treatment

timber treatment

The nexus between dampness and timber decay is well understood by our expert team of damp contractors. We provide comprehensive timber treatment services to combat dry rot and wet rot effectively. With a wealth of experience, we also proficiently address woodworm infestations, ensuring the longevity of your timber structures.

Basement and Cellar Waterproofing

Basement and Cellar Waterproofing

Transforming damp, neglected spaces into functional areas is our forte as damp proofing contractors. We leverage our expertise to convert basements and cellars, using advanced waterproofing techniques. Witness the transformation through captivating before-and-after images, showcasing the impact of our diligent work.

Condensation Control

Condensation Control

Our knowledge as damp contractors extends to condensation causes and effects. We introduce innovative methods such as enhanced ventilation, heat recovery systems, and insulation. These strategies, adeptly implemented, provide effective condensation control. Homeowners can also benefit from our practical tips to mitigate related issues.

Damp Repairs and Restoration

Damp Repairs and Restoration

Count on us, the proficient damp proofing contractors, for seamless property restoration. Our skill lies in executing meticulous repairs, including precise plaster removal and replacement. Testimonials from contented clients attest to our prowess in successful damp restoration, further establishing our reputation in the industry.

No-obligation damp survey, what’s the catch?

The answer is there is no catch. Our damp proofing contractor will visit your home to provide an honest, independent assessment (subject to terms and conditions)

Areas we Cover:

Our services extend to Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Stoke On Trent, Congleton, Macclesfield, Warrington and the surrounding area.

Why Choose Damp2Dry approved damp proofing contractors?

Professional Surveyors

Our team of professionally qualified building surveyors genuinely cares about your property and strives to offer realistic and effective solutions. We prioritize using the least intrusive methods to resolve mould and condensation problems in your home

Cost-effective solutions

We understand the importance of providing cost-effective solutions for mould and condensation issues in your home. With our experienced surveyors, we accurately identify the root cause of the problem and offer recommendations to effectively address it.

Comprehensive Reports

Our dedicated surveyors dedicate 1 – 3 hours at your property, meticulously examining the issue. They then provide detailed and comprehensive reports, highlighting the true cause of the mould and condensation problems, along with actionable recommendations

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