How Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. Transformed Bob’s Home from Damp to Dry

Client: Bob from Manchester

Bob is a homeowner who lives in Manchester, a city in the northwest of England. He contacted Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. to deal with the damp problem in his house.

Problem: Damp walls and floor

Bob noticed that his walls and floor were damp and had signs of mould and rot. He was worried about the health and structural implications of the dampness, as well as the aesthetic impact on his home. He wanted to find a reliable and affordable damp proofing service that could solve his problem quickly and effectively.

Solution: Damp proofing and floor replacement

Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. is a company that specializes in damp proofing and timber treatments. They offer an independent damp survey and quotation, and a 10-year guarantee on their work. They use high-quality materials and equipment, and employ skilled and experienced workers.

Bob hired Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. to damp proof his front room, hall and kitchen. The company installed a chemical damp proof course (DPC) in the walls, which creates a barrier that prevents moisture from rising up from the ground. They also applied a waterproof membrane and plaster to the walls, which protects them from further dampness and improves their appearance.

During the damp proofing process, the company discovered that the floor in the front room was also affected by moisture and needed replacing. They informed Bob about the situation and offered to replace the floor with a new one that was resistant to damp and rot. Bob agreed to the additional work, as he wanted to ensure that his house was completely free of damp.

The damp proofing and floor replacement took over a week to complete, instead of the initially estimated two days. This was due to the unexpected floor issue and the drying time required for the DPC and plaster. Bob understood that this was not the company’s fault, and appreciated their honesty and professionalism.

Result: A dry and comfortable home

Bob was very satisfied with the work done by Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. He noticed a significant improvement in the condition and appearance of his walls and floor. He felt more comfortable and healthy in his home, and was confident that the damp problem was solved for good. He also found the price to be fair and reasonable, considering the amount and quality of work involved.

Bob would recommend Damp2Dry Solutions Ltd. to anyone who needs damp proofing or timber treatment services. He thinks that they are a trustworthy and efficient company that delivers excellent results.

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