Condensation solutions for homeowners and landlords

Condensation is an increasing problem for homeowners, landlords and Housing associations in the UK and it can effect us all no matter what type of property we live in or how old the property may be. Common signs such as steamed up streaming windows give an indication that there is a problem.

Mould in the home

Mould in the home can be caused by problems such as poor building maintenance and lack of ventilation. Many common causes include: Water leaking through windows or roofs. Rising damp. Damp basements under the home. Steam and condensation from showers, bathrooms, cooking or high air humidity. Poor ventilation or heating throughout the home. Failure

Why damp causes a big problem for vendors.

Recent statistics show that damp, poorly maintained properties and insufficient parking are causing potential buyers to turn away. Our question though is, why damp causes a big problem for vendors. Damp is a common problem and often, if this is not rectified, can become detrimental to a properties structure and cause interior

Preventive Maintenance service

We understand the tight time schedules and restrictions that Housing Associations, social landlords and Local Authorities are to adhere to with property maintenance requirements and we realise the flexibility that is required from repair specialists such as ourselves to complete the required work  as soon as possible. We feel our preventive maintenance service is the

Is exposure to damp a health risk?

Damp in the home is unsightly, unpleasant and is a cause of  structural problems and decorative spoilage, but is exposure to damp a health risk? It is a proven fact that if you have damp and mould in your property,  you are more likely to have respiratory problems. Certain people are more susceptible to these problems such