Homeowners beware….condensation season is here!

Condensation is the most common form of damp found in properties and can be at its worst between the months of October to April, also known as ‘condensation season’.  Damp within a property in any form is a homeowners worst nightmare as this is not only detrimental to a properties

Do you suspect Woodworm?

It is that time of year! Do you suspect Woodworm in your home? You may not identify Woodworm immediately until the resulting damage is visible. The earlier this problem can be identified the better! Woodworm season usually begins between the months of March and April. Between these month the woodworm begins to arise

Solving damp issues whilst summer is still here!

This is the time of year where people look at tackling those house maintenance jobs and improvements before the signs of bad weather approach us. This could be sorting the guttering, carrying out those much needed jobs in the garden or re-doing the driveway but have you thought about solving damp

Basement waterproofing to create extra living space

Has you basement been left abandoned, not being used to its full potential? Have you ever considered basement waterproofing to create extra living space? In the past people have frequently opted to extend their property outwards and upwards but due to more advanced waterproofing methods, converting your basement creates a fantastic and functional living or working space

Condensation solutions for homeowners and landlords

Condensation is an increasing problem for homeowners, landlords and Housing associations in the UK and it can effect us all no matter what type of property we live in or how old the property may be. Common signs such as steamed up streaming windows give an indication that there is a problem.