Damp Proofing Solutions for Insulation Companies

Our damp survey and prompt and professional damp proofing services can very often mean that instead of having to walk away from a property you are about to insulate, but can’t due to the presence of damp or eroded wall tiles, Damp Proofing Solutions for Insulation Companiesyou can now contact Damp Solutions (Preservation). We will rectify the issues and allow you to proceed with what you know best. Our specialist services and skills will allow you to insulate more properties and offer your customers an even better service than you are providing at the moment.

We realise the winter months can be a very busy time for insulation companies and being held up by a probable damp issue can cause a big problem and delays in proceeding to customer’s expectations.

Damp Solutions (Preservation) offer an efficient service with a prompt turnaround to allow the job to be completed as soon as possible. Our effective solutions guarantee the prevention of future damp problems and therefore allow for a well-insulated home.

We will deal with all enquiries immediately as we understand the urgency for the completion of a job and good customer service.

What types of damp problems we can diagnose and treat:-