Do you suspect Woodworm?

It is that time of year! Do you suspect Woodworm in your home? You may not identify Woodworm immediately until the resulting damage is visible. The earlier this problem can be identified the better! Woodworm season usually begins between the months of March and April. Between these month the woodworm begins to arise

Solving damp issues whilst summer is still here!

This is the time of year where people look at tackling those house maintenance jobs and improvements before the signs of bad weather approach us. This could be sorting the guttering, carrying out those much needed jobs in the garden or re-doing the driveway but have you thought about solving damp

Preventive Maintenance service

We understand the tight time schedules and restrictions that Housing Associations, social landlords and Local Authorities are to adhere to with property maintenance requirements and we realise the flexibility that is required from repair specialists such as ourselves to complete the required work  as soon as possible. We feel our preventive maintenance service is the

Damp problem – why choose us?

Damp in UK households is a common problem which, if left untreated, can cause serious structural defects, damage to interior decoration, an unpleasant ‘musty’ smell and associated health issues. Damp can come in many forms and, if not dealt with, can cause irreversible damage which can be both dangerous and extremely expensive. It is important that when a damp

Wet Rot and Woodworm outbreak due to lack of ventilation!

Our surveyor recently undertook a survey for a landlady who was concerned about damp problems in two of her properties. Our first survey was for damp. Verbal advice was given to the customer upon surveying the property and no work was required. However, as she was so pleased with our