Basement waterproofing to create extra living space

Has you basement been left abandoned, not being used to its full potential? Have you ever considered basement waterproofing to create extra living space?

In the past people have frequently opted to extend their property outwards and upwards but due to more advanced waterproofing methods, converting your basement creates a fantastic and functional living or working space not to mention being more cost effective!

Basement Waterproofing Treatment can transform an old unused room into beautiful or practical area to be used socially, for work purposes, to create an extra bedroom or anything you require!

Why do I need basement waterproofing?

Basements and cellars are particularly prone to damp problems and when considering a cellar or basement conversion it is essential that this space is water tight! Without adequate basement waterproofing, your basement will be susceptible to ground water movement to the internal surfaces.

Due to the pressure of water under ground level this can cause damp to penetrate the walls and floors. The intrusion of water causes such issues as rising damp, penetrating damp or if the problem is extreme, flooding!

the presence of unwanted moisture can cause detrimental effects to the structure of your property and an unsightly presence of damp and mould.

To prepare your cellar or basement for renovation, you must first of all put something in place to control the moisture and water entering the building structure and correct ventilation in place to ensure moisture can exit the basement therefore preventing a damp problem.

 What are the benefits

Not only does basement waterproofing protect your basement but it also adds value to your property if you are considering converting this into extra living space.

There are endless uses for a basement conversions including:-

  • Extra bedroom
  • Child’s playroom
  • Office space
  • cinema room
  • Extra room to relax
  • Wine cellar

This list goes on!! It is also a very useful procedure to consider if you are just using your basement for extra space for storage. Eliminating damp in your basement as soon as possible can prevent costly damage in the future. This will also help to protect the rest of your property.

cellar conversion

cellar conversion

Here at Damp Solutions (preservation) we understand that each property needs its own individual assessment to advise on an effective solution. With our years of experience and expertise in Basement Waterproofing we can offer a cost effective, guaranteed solution.  We understand our customers requirements and aim to explain everything in full for a smooth process from start to finish!